• How is the payment made through the visa in the online statement?

    Entering the menu from the main page

    - Choose my dates

    - Choose a reservation

    - Press start call

    - Register the payment card data, then press "Pay"

    - When a dialog appears (Payment Succeeded)

    Click again to start the conversation

  • Is there a payment method other than the visa?


    Another way is to pay via Vodafone Cash

    The number to be converted to is


  • How to book online?

    - Enter from the list and choose a doctor online

    - Choose the specialization you want to book

    - Choosing the right doctor

    Choose the date and time, then press Confirm Booking

  • How to upload pictures of the doctor on the application?

    There are two ways to upload pictures to the application so that the doctor can see them

    1- Go to the menu and choose the medical file

    2- There are some medical questions, including the last question. Uploading your medical file through the camera, image files, or PDF

  • How to book a home visit?

    From the main services page, select Emergency

    Choose a home visit

    - Choose a specialty

    - Choose the area and then click on find a doctor

    - Choose the doctor, a payment notification will appear to you, click on confirm payment and enter your payment card data

  • How to book a service through the application?

    1- Choosing the institution

    2- Choosing a doctor

    3- Click on the word “Services” at the top of the screen

    4- Choose the date and time you want to book and then confirm the reservation

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